Mariner Street, Swansea




The proposed development, dubbed Icon 21 incorporates a 21-storey, 725 student bed accommodation scheme and will be the second tallest building in the city, with a six to eight-storey perimeter block and mixed used ground floor with ground floor shops, a restaurant and cafe.

Urban Green was appointed to deliver a landscape masterplan incorporating public realm and highway improvements, including the wider city centre ‘s key gateway and civic frontage to the railway station.



The key design principle was to promote a strong connective public realm made up of entrance plaza’s, social spaces and connective boulevards that communicate to create a single coordinated open space that will form part of gateway approach to Swansea. Thus an inspired and holistic approach was adopted where landscape systems, people and place making was at its heart whereby the design solution was developed around four core values; destination, community, sustainable and people. Design inspiration was taken from the structural makeup of the local geology and the naturalistic forms of the rolling Valleys.

The use of strong paving arrangements reflected the seams and dynamic fractures of the geological layers and bold lighting effects. This was contrasted by softer more organic landforms that seemingly protruded through the linear strata of the paving alignment creating bespoke seating and planting features that act as both bespoke markers for the public realm but equally encourage interaction and bring a vibrancy to the space.


Happy Client

“The planned development won’t just improve the look and feel of the area — it will also boost city centre shops, restaurants, pubs and other businesses because that’s where the hundreds of students living there will be spending their money.”

Rob Stewart, Council Leader Swansea Council


Work is due to start on Autumn 2016.

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