Salford Street Tree Audit

Salford City Council



Salford City Council is committed to maintaining the quality of its urban forests so that they continue to provide essential ecosystem services and urban biodiversity.

Historically, urban tree management had been reactive and was limited due to a lack of accurate tree data.

Urban Green was appointed to audit the highway tree stock and make recommendations in respect of future work.



Using our bespoke mobile application and GIS data collection, Urban Green completed a full survey of the tree stock including the verification of existing data.


Happy Client

“Urban Green provided an accurate, timely and quality report for the urban forest project. They were very professional and we would use their services again in the future.”

Paul Jones, Arboricultural Client Officer Salford City Council


A current and accurate picture of Salford’s urban tree stock was provided, allowing the local authority to take a planned and holistic approach to urban forestry management. Recommendations on the prioritisation of future work and re-inspections were provided and the new data was issued in a format that could be integrated into the existing mapping system. This was supported by an interactive online map which provided a comprehensive, visual representation of the tree stock.


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