Weaver Shipyard, Northwich

H2O Urban



Urban Green was commissioned by H2O Urban, which is owned and managed in an equal partnership between the Canal and River Trust (CRT) and bloc; a development company which works with public and private sector landowners. Given the Trust’s role as custodians of the canal and river network, it is important that assets such as Weavers Shipyard, being inextricably linked to the network, are not left to decay and potential vandalism.


A landscape masterplan and urban design was developed as part of the site promotion of up to 80 residential units along with the redevelopment of the marina and boating facilities including community, boaters’ and café facilities, retained boating repair facility in conjunction with the current site owners, associated infrastructure and open space.

Scale, massing and density were carefully considered given the site sensitivities.

The proposals were set within a landscape framework that considered vehicular access, pedestrian connections to the existing footpath network and the introduction of a new cycle route through the scheme.

A key challenge in presenting the development to the planning authority was to ensure the units responded positively to the local environment and complemented the local character, quality and integrity of the site and context.


Happy Client

“Urban Green’s performance to date has been exceptional, providing professional representation and advice; coupled with high quality reporting on time and with attention to detail. I consider complete value for money has been achieved, particularly considering Urban Green covered for architectural services that others were unable to render, ensuring seamless transition and support to other members of the consultant team and CRT as client.”

Jon Gilman, former Development Manager H2O Urban


Urban Green submitted a Pre-Planning Application with Concept Masterplan and Development Framework for the mixed-use re-development.

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