Going live….new tree trail app for Cambridge

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This week sees the the launch of a new interactive tree trail to encourage people to discover more about the trees around them.  It’s been commissioned by Cambridge City Council for a popular public park at Cherry Hinton Hall.  The site includes a Grade II listed Victorian country house set in a public park to the south-east of the city which is best known best for hosting the annual Cambridge Folk Festival.

The project has been led by the council’s team of tree officers.  They wanted to raise awareness of the role that urban trees can play and to encourage people to get outside and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of spending time in nature. It’s the first of what we hope will be several tree trails across the city.

The trail covers about a mile and includes over 50 different trees spread throughout the park.  It’s free and can used anyone with a smartphone or handheld device – or any web browser.  Each tree has been labelled to make identification easier. The information for each tree has been written by the tree officers themselves and reveals some interesting and unusual facts.

Urban Green developed the tree trail and worked with Cambridge-based Still Vision Photography to capture stunning images of each tree in early summer. Anyone taking part is encouraged to take their own tree photos and share them.  We’e also created a dedicated Instagram account for capture some of these @camtrees and will be encouraging  use of the #camtrees hashtag.

The client summed up their aspirations for the project:

“Our ambition for the project is to allow the public to more fully engage in whatever way – educational, recreational, social, emotional – with an asset that is theirs. It would be wonderful if they take that knowledge home with them and plant a tree themselves or encourage or lobby others to do so.  It is part of our strategy to add resilience to the urban forest and combat the threats through continued renewal.”

Explore the trail at: or get in touch if you’re interested in how we could develop an interactive trail for your site.



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